People with Disabilities--and our Allies:
Concrete Change

An international effort
to make all homes visitable!


(1) A focus on homes, not government buildings, restaurants, etc...(important as they are)

(2) ALL homes-- not just "special" homes; being at the party, the meeting, the reunion--not isolation.

(3) Narrowing the emphasis from a long list of possible or desirable access features to the most essential features: entering a home and fitting through the interior doors. So that widespread construction change is more likely to happen quickly.

As a co-worker summarized: "Get in and pee."

People who use wheelchairs, walkers and other mobility aids are blocked by steps at every entrance of a home. They’re stopped by inches from fitting through the bathroom door in a friend or relative’s home.

Constructing homes without these barriers is inexpensive and easy. But advocates are needed to initiate and sustain the work required to change the status quo.

Builders, Contractors, Advocates, Legislators, Realtors, Designers, Architects, Social Change Workers, Wonks, Webmasters, Curious Bystanders, Community Development Groups, Government Workers, Medical Workers, Journalists, Friends...

Here you’ll find resources to "change the things we can."

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